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A story in photographs


Quinquillans - de-miguel.es

Street theater. Quinquilláns form a group with great creativity, simplicity and hope . You can find here.




Branda - de-miguel.es

BRANDA, regardless of the surface, is capable of painting and color work masterfully. Painter, artist, craftsman.  

Giles Walker

Giles Walker - de-miguel.es

What amaze work does Giles Walker. Fusion of cyber junk on everyday realities performed with key technology. www.gileswalker.org/gileswalker.org/home.html

Cottas Club Jazz Band

Cottas Club Jazz Band - de-miguel.es

Cottas Club Jazz Band is, without doubt, one of the best Dixieland jazz bands in Europe. Here is their singer Mario Rui Nunes playing a musical performance.